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Aug 27 / Steve Runge

My morning

I woke up this morning about 3:30, felt rested, so I decided to work on my historical present research. I am taking all of the HPs in Mark, grabbing the pericope in which it occurs along with its Synoptic parallel (if there is one), and placing it in a table in Word so that I can mark it up.

Boy howdy, was it ever worth getting up early. Seeing so much synoptic goodness so early in the morning, it almost doesn’t seem fair. And the thing of it is, I am too interested in continuing to stop and write up a blog post on what I have found. INCREDIBLE stuff, very few instances of the synoptic writers ignoring what Mark is doing, they just get it done with another device. I am currently in Mark 4.

Can you stand it? Grammar is just too cool!


  1. James / Aug 27 2009


    You are almost as strange as Mike A. : ) Of course, this is being said by a charter member of Grammar Readers Anonymous, so take it with a grain of salt…


  2. Mike Aubrey / Aug 27 2009


    But not quite.

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